View Full Version : Another Shugoki Rework Idea

10-19-2018, 02:26 AM
I'm bored, let me know what you think, Shugoki Brothers. :)

• Instead of having passive hyper armor, Shugoki will have hyper armor on all startup attacks.
• Extra damage taken REMOVED.
• Shugoki still keeps his enhanced light attacks.

• I don’t want “new” combo chains, but I would add the option to be able to charge up the second heavy into unblockable in a chain.
• Light attacks are now 500ms.
• Charging Heavy attack has a 1700ms startup. Stage 1 heavy is 600ms, deals 30 damage, stage 2 is 800ms, deals 40, unblockable stage is 1200ms, deals 60 damage and causes Demon Ball.

• Demon ball is now a passive ability that is applied to Shugoki’s charging heavy attack. If Shugoki hits an opponent with a fully charged heavy attack, it will send them flying back. If the target is already on the ground, getting up, or have hyper armor, it will not work.

• Can no long do head butt after a hit confirmed first light or first heavy attack; however, Head butt will cause wallsplat and environmental kills. Warlord’s can ledge and wallsplat, why can’t Shugokis.
• Still stuns, but stamina drain reduces to 60 (from 80).
• Reduce the stamina cost on head butt to 20 on startup. For some unknown reason, it uses 26 in total, 12 on startup, 10 on hit, and 4 on recovery. The recovery of the head butt will also be shorter in order for Shugoki to throw out another attack, if he decides not to do a confirm top light during wallsplat situations.
• 500ms startup and 400ms recovery on whiff.
• After a whiff head butt, Shugoki can still follow up with the 500ms top light.

• Charging heavy attack can be soft-feinted into a head butt, but is not guaranteed. If the head butt hits, Shugoki gets a guaranteed top 15 damage light attack. The light attack start a chain. Right now, Shugoki does not have a way to open up players besides, turtling, and everyone hates turtling. With this option added, Shugoki will have the ability to, not only open up a turtle, but also use it as an OOS punish. Let the charging heavy fly, soft feint into head butt, or feint into guard break.
• Shugoki can only soft-feint head butt during 800ms-1200ms into the charging heavy attack.
• The recovery remains the same.

• Charge of the Oni’s knocking properties starts at 100ms. It will cause knockdown on OOS, but still keep the stamina pause for balance purposes.

• Remove one shot gimmick.
• Remove health loss on miss.
• 800ms startup (from 1300ms) and 1000ms recovery (from 2000ms) on whiff. The recovery when he tosses his target down remains the same.
• Regain stamina on damage. Shaman’s bite can, why not Shugokis because it’s literally the same move. Shaman’s bite requires bleed; Shugoki’s DE requires a wall stun, coincidence?
• Deals 20 damage and heals for 20 + (damage increase).
• Damage increase by 5 for every 10 health loss.
• Better tracking. If the target is being hit by another teammate, DE will still grab. Right now, DE will just whiff if Shugoki’s target gets move slightly.

• Since light/heavy attack > head butt is no longer a thing in this rework. I would add a new parry punish, for example, Centurion, Warlord, Jiang Jun, Gladiator. They all press square or X after a parry to stun and drain a ton of stamina. I will give Shugoki something similar, a belly attack stun/stamina drain parry punish. After a parry, press square or X, Shugoki leaps at his target and belly attacks em. He will laugh and rub his belly as his target stumbles backward. Hence, he has an execution like that, so might as well use his belly as a weapon too, lol. It does not cause knockdown, but it can cause environmental damage or kill. Call it KUTSUJOKU, humiliate. (Sorry, I used google translate.)

• Reduce startup on FIRST swing to 600ms (from 800ms).
• Second swing of the zone is unblockable and feintable.

• After a guard break, Shugoki can now do a raw 600ms heavy for 30 damage. It is also a chain starter.
• Shugoki has a 300ms window to be guard broken during his charging heavies and 100ms window for guard break during his 600ms heavy.