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10-19-2018, 01:31 AM
Absolutely unplayable.

Will start from the pluses:
- We finally have a game that is no longer stuttering. And the game menu no lagging!

- The game graphics turned from realistic and gritty, to cartoony.
- The lighting effect is turned up to max and beyond, blindingly so(yes i checked the gama scale, i can not see the black logo on the left, and i can barely see the middle).
- Gear score, gear itself, tens of thousands of steel spent, a LOT of hours, to get the best gear possible on several characters. Slapped away with a ridiculous dice game compensation of a whooping 5 boxes, and random 'perks' on gears. This is out-right insult!

Gray area:
- Game runs smoothly probably for the first time since release. Now the game feels like its running at 1.5x speed. Making anything faster than 700ms unreactable. Why is this a gray area? Because only now, can the game TRULY begin to be balanced, but until the attack speeds are matched for the new game running speed this game is utterly unplayble.

10-19-2018, 02:08 AM
Previous comment was from playing ONLY 2 duels.

This is from playing 1 dominion.

- Will update my prediction on game speed, and increase it to 2.5x speed.
- The end game 'victory poses' looks childish.
- Match end cinematics were completely removed(probably to replaced by the childish victory dances)
- Apparently we now have a character that refers to himself as he attacks: Tiandi
- Minion killing animations were removed? I simply do not see a logicaly sound explanation why you would remove it. (Unless 1: if you wanted to save money for making more animations on the 4 new characters, so better to remove all others to make things ''appealing'')
- And i cant put my finger on it, but the game looks a little more ugly. Probably the ENB that made the game lag, did something realy well. Something that the current one does not have.

But most importantly:

For Honors 'vibe' was erased.

You no longer feel as if you're going to murder something or someone in the game. Now... well, it just feels like a game. Like a simple 4 dollar game. That chill, when you face an opponent, that heartpump when you're close to death, but so is the enemy in front of you. The heart of the game... Its no longer there. Its no longer a battlefield, its a playground.

Quiting the game. Good luck to those who stay.

10-19-2018, 02:09 AM
Yeah, I just looked at some static screens of before and after graphics comparisons to refresh my memory and I have to say, while the new graphics aren't "bad", the materials don't look anywhere near as realistic as they did before. The mud on the ground used to look like mud and there was more contrast and saturation in the image and the graphics were just more atmospheric overall. I'm not sold on the new graphics at all tbh and it does feel like a downgrade. I wonder if they're going to attempt to squeeze 60fps out of the XBoneX and the PS4Pro?


Breach mode is a great alternative to Dominion.
The new heroes look great.
Shaolin is awesome.
New executions!


The new intro is good, but I liked the original one. It should alternate between them randomly when you launch the game.


I hate having my executions interrupted, it sucks a LOT of the fun out of the game for me.
I'm not sold on the graphics "upgrade" at all, sorry art and tech guys, I'm sure you did a great job but I just preferred the old, more atmospheric lighting.
I don't like the perks system at all and I couldn't give a crap about what loot I get after a match since the change.
I feel that the new Chinese heroes are now the stars of the show and I worry for the future of my old favourites.

Graphics then and now:







10-19-2018, 02:22 AM

10-19-2018, 02:51 AM
This is no longer the same game I played before marching fire. The "realistic" graphics are more cartoony and it seems like the entire game is being played through a filter. The changes to gear stats was a BIG mistake, all of my decent statistical gear is completely erased and replaced with useless perks that add 0 depth to the game. The changes to gear stats have made the OG heavies useless, and underpowered compared to the new heroes. The new heroes are pretty cool, they are unique in their own way, although the voices for some of them are utterly annoying. The victory screen being replaced by victory "poses" is terrible. I feel like I'm playing Call of duty, or some other game that emphasizes on mining salt from your veins. All in all I will stick around to see what happens with it, but this game has lost its vibe, its atmosphere, and its soul.