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10-18-2018, 11:18 PM
A common universal UI app akin to Battlefields app or Total Wars app on the PC which allows you to choose which game you want to launch (assuming you have it installed).It can help players keep track of the ever evolving storyline with chronological timelines and encyclopedic information. A little like the Metal Gear Solid app that was released on ps3 with MGS 4 back in the day (if I recall).Players can choose to play games in the order of the modern day timeline like so:Desmond Miles: (2012) Animus 1.0: Assassins Creed Animus 2.0: Assassins Creed 2 Brotherhood Revelations........Abstergo Entertainment Employee 1: Black Flag........Layla Hassan: (2016) Portable Animus: Origins OdysseyOr Players can choose to play the games in HISTORICAL chronological order like so (can also choose to ignore modern day segments?):400BCs: Odyssey40BCs: Origins............1770s: AC3....so onIn a nice timeline interface complete with information regarding the events that transpired, the characters etc etc.Players can also choose games related to a specific piece of eden. Ala tracking original ACs apple through the ages, or the precursor box that would feature games such as AC Chronicles China with Shao Jun through to Adawale in Black Flag and Freedom Cry.Weekly and monthly challenges for the players to do in each game (or if not just the latest ones) and these challenges will be linked to unlocking story pieces int he encyclopedia, with enough pieces we can track each piece of eden and where they wer elast spotted. Also the blood vial temples and each incarnation of the sage throughout the ages.Also include information regarding the novels, the comics and stuff, fit them in the timeline interface.Also a community feature which links to these forums or allows the formation of clans. Players can earn points (the same unlocked in Uplay perhaps) that attributes to a rank and we can also see statistics regarding how many times you beat this game or that game or what level are you on here... blah blah.... AND....AND....Why not bring AC multiplayer back as its own separate game that has added expansions over time, kind of like the rumoured development cycle for COD BR where new maps and themes are given with each title release. Just spit balling, but thought I would share. :)I know this would take a lot of dev time and work but at the very least have a timeline app that allows track what the hell is going on in the story!I think it would be with it, AC is one of the most successful franchises ever made!

10-18-2018, 11:20 PM
Darn... I had the OP nice and presentable but the forums automatically made it all one paragraph... Hopefully its understandable.