View Full Version : Gear Quality of Life Improvement

10-18-2018, 09:41 PM
I love this new perk system and I find easier noticing it's impact on the game than a bunch of percentages on my stats. I also find it quite clear to understand. But there's one thing I would do to make it easier and more practical to use:
I would like to have some sort of little menu where I can see all the possible combinations of perks I can get with the gear I currently have in my inventory, and from where I can directly equip those loadouts.
There could also be another section of that menu where I can select some perks and it says which loadout (with my current gear) is the most close to having them all, and how many points I lack (if I do).
Another thing that should go with that is that, when you get some gear at the end of a match (or when buying it), if that piece allows you to build a loadout with a specific set of perks you couldn't afford before, it shows a little notification on it and, if you select that piece of gear, it shows which combination of perks it allows you to get. This is to make players understand if that piece of gear can actually be useful or not, because as it is for now you have to go to you hero's inventory and check if that piece, combined with all the others you have, is useful for something. Which is quite long and boring.

Those qol changes would really make everything faster and less complex (and, what is more, less boring). I think that at least the first point is something that should be added, it would really help a lot. Then the second and third could be added later on.

What do you guys think? Would you like those improvements, and do you have any other ideas to make this system better? Let me know your opinions!

10-19-2018, 05:42 AM
I think you should be able to select the perks you want to go for, and the game then put on the most effective gear in your inventory towards that goal.