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10-18-2018, 03:17 PM
I (apparently in the minority) like and understand why most of the changes were made and think that in the long run will make the game better and enjoyable. I will miss the minion animations, but those animations were for one hit kill minions. Doesn't work the same since they are now buffed. I like the buff, makes it feel like a better established world( hard to explain) .... anyways..... as for the gear perks. Good addition, ****y conversion. A small percentage watch your warrior den, so this change came as a shock to alot of players. And you did not include a tutorial video on how use or equip them. This was a bad oversite. All these people b*$ching about their gear is useless, are just resistant to change and were people who winning depended on their gear stats not their fighting abilities. I saw someone post how his level 20 lawbringer is useless now lol. You played with that character that long to get him to level 20 and you cant manage you stamina. Because that's what it is. People are use to pumping up their stats ... stamina, revenge builds have people a crutch and now it's gone.
Sorry for the rant... please put out a clear video tutorial on how to use, set up and activate perks. I hope one of you content producers makes one as well.