View Full Version : Nuxia opinion

10-18-2018, 02:53 PM
So I’ve seen a lot on nuxia’s weak state in terms of her character and I made a thread to get everyone in one area.

I for one love the character and it’s the most satisfying thing to pull off her traps. The problem is how reactable her traps are. She does good damage but speed up the traps or let them be delayed so they arnt so easy to stuff on reaction. She so close to being perfect and it literally depends on her traps and few small things.

10-18-2018, 05:26 PM
This might be by design. It’s a new feature, the player base need to get used to it, otherwise there’d be uproar at how op it is. I reckon ubi will let everyone get used to Nuxia’s moveset before fixing her deflect and making traps faster.

10-18-2018, 06:51 PM
I’ve tried playing agains a level 3 bot nuxia and couldn’t do anything 😂

10-18-2018, 08:20 PM
if her traps were 100ms faster people would have to handle mostly on read. Which I personally would like. but the forums would probably get set on fire from the rage.