View Full Version : It is possible to hack Merge Plane to get more gems?

10-18-2018, 08:44 AM
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Merging plane features

Merge aircraft upgrade, fly to make money.

All kinds of aircraft. There are over 50 kinds of aircraft in the game. There are also some rare planes waiting for you to collect.

Idle system. Your aircraft flies automatically. You can even get money off line.

Let your aircraft team become the biggest team in the world!

HI merged with plane creators. Remember when I said my cell phone needed so much room? Well, I don't care now! This game is great. The airplane flies very fast. When you create a new airplane, it looks amazing. Just like the dolphin I created just now, this is the eleventh plane, it goes to SooooSoooo fast! It looks cool! Technically, I'm middle-aged, because I played the game yesterday, but I really began to like it, because I just took the 11th plane the day after playing the game, and I no longer feel like a middle-aged person! Do you know what surprises people? Do you know what I said? I made eleventh planes in second days. I can hardly even enter the fourth aircraft LOL. So personally, I think I did very well in this competition... Up to now. But this is also a defect. If the plane is not difficult to make, I may have been on flight 50. Part of the reason it's so difficult to build an airplane is that the amount of coins you even need to get on an airplane is now ridiculous. Please bring down the price of the plane on the plane.