View Full Version : Always slow walking bug

10-18-2018, 05:02 AM
*I fixed it by reloading back. 3 hours back. Pretty annoying. But about 4 hours later, I looted a random guard and the message appeared again and I couldnt run. So I had to load, 10 minutes back. And then, again when I looted a guy. I reloaded, shot all my arrows and kept going, loot, message again, no running. I did all the ship upgrades I could to empty my materials, I'll keep you posted about it*

I was in the quarry north east of Athens doing a mission for Keon when I speared then kicked a captain, then when trying to recruit him, a caption saying no more items could be carried appeared so I killed the guy and the caption stayed on and I couldn't run, the stick all the way down, Kassandra would just slow walk without running no matter what and with the caption still on even after fast traveling and restarting the game and console. Has this happened to anyone else?