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10-17-2018, 05:39 PM
Just trying to figure out new perk system.

Nobu already lacks offensive capabilities. So all my stamina attack defence buffs are gone. She is stamina deprived as it is.

So what I get in return is basically running fast? Seriously how just running fast gonna help me...so I can run faster to help thatís it.

Iím trying to get other perks like getting HP back after killing or reviving to 76% HP but canít seem to get it. Spent over 10K already plus some crates with no result. Any advice?

10-17-2018, 05:48 PM
there is no Chance, nobushi cant get those perks. everything u worked for is gone now, the nobushi (like my Valk) can only get thos support perks. If u ask me, ist usless for a agressive playstyle. Even your rep 10 is usless now, u also can be Rep60, it makes no differnce so far i noticed. this update makes no sence for the most old base Players, Maybe i understand it some day. i will Play some duels but for the rest i make take a break for a while.

10-17-2018, 05:53 PM
She can get those Perks, they are Remedy and Rising Dawn. Rep level will determine the tier of gear available, and the perk colors correspond to that tier. I've got her at rep 26 with the Remedy and Rising Dawn set up and it works fine. Nobushi is part of the original roster and is thus designed for slower play. Don't spam attacks out and your stamina will be alright. While she is more set up for a support role, and I would like to see some other perks on her, a speed revive rising dawn Nobushi is a nightmare in team fights.

10-17-2018, 06:01 PM
Same set of perks with Valk, I have radiant rebound, feline agility and rising dawn. bearing in mind that I prefer objective focussed modes and am quite willing to be a healer while getting in kills as I can, individual kills aren't what matter when it comes to hitting objectives, it's what role each team member is able to fill and keeping, especially on the attacking side, as many of your team as healthy as possible is a good thing, I have five others with their perks unlocked to play in different ways depending on team composition.

The stamina thing is an issue for a few characters, but bear in mind that the devs think the meta favours defenders too heavily and are looking into that, it may well be things like stamina are involved in there. They flat out said that things like stamina and revenge will be easier to make any necessary changes to without there being so much potential variation. Without the gear builds of the old system they don't have to worry as much about breaking 4v4 by giving 1v1 buffs,

10-17-2018, 06:06 PM
afaik the perks available to the individual hero are set in stone. Meaning there are perks on my centurion that a nobushi can't get. and vise versa.
This sort of forces rolls into play in 4's which is interesting. It also makes things a LOT easier for the devs to balance. Revenge, stamina, and damage values can all be changed a lot easier even keeping duels in mind due to heros basically being the same in any game mode. So if stamina costs are an issue for nobushi (which they've always been) they could potentially easily change that.

10-17-2018, 06:59 PM
Iím rep 60 so should be all good to go for every gear.

I can see itís available but I canít seem to get them to 600 points. Can I get 3 perks including those 2 or just those 2?

All her perks seems useless to me really. I mean by running fast Iím gonna catch any assassin? I donít think so..

Rising dawn is a bit useful but very conditional. Somebody has to die and I have to manage to revive.

Getting 10 HP by killing someone is somewhat useful but assassins have that as first feat anyway by getting even more HP.

This new perk system is so confusing. Literally I have to sit down with pen and paper to calculate how I can get 600 points when I have time.

Not sure if anybody has any perk combination suggestion for Nobu?

10-17-2018, 11:44 PM
what the hell Ubi!
she has the support class ,only the worst perks.really uninteruptible run?who though of that lol!
you guys ****ed this up but dont worry cent my boys got all the offensive perk...your idea is so unbalanced
how can you give all the defensive perk to a hero or all the offensive to another,it is a ret@rded system, why,? because in dont even want to upgrade my gear ,spend my steel on some random perk that makes me run fast for 10 seconds.
the perks are unintersting in the first place who came up with such boring things?
that is royally a bad bad system