View Full Version : Just my own opinion.

10-17-2018, 07:16 AM
So I know I'm probably in the minority here on this but. Emote spamming irritates me, it's kind of like teabagging after you spent 5 Seconds already watching your head get cut off just to be teabaged for another 5 seconds. I know alot of people like to troll and stuff but this game is already irritating enough as it is. My personal preference could be put delay after you emote like 1 seconds or something. Still be able to move out of it but not be able to spam it. Might cut down some of the anger in the game community (probably not but you never know)

10-17-2018, 07:26 AM
No. If you get irritated about emo spam, good, its a valid tactic to make you opponent angry thus increase the chance he will make misstakes. + i think they tried that but majority off the community roared and they canceld the changes.