View Full Version : Few annoying things that would make my experience better

10-15-2018, 10:21 PM
The first one would be all the notifications you get after the match . Sometimes you just want to leave the game asap , either because of frustration or just wanting to join a new one . But thanks to the notifications like orders done , lvl up , experience gained , bonus experience , steel and loot , it takes way too long and its annoying to have to wait though all of them . Making them skippable would be awasome in my opinion .

The next one is the big announcement that says yours or yours enemies team is breaking . I ve died a couple of times because it showed up in a middle of a heated fight , pretty much blocking the top attacks from the view .

Also a little off topic but after watching the stream about marching fire when they were talking about shaolin , they said he would keep the flag on his back while teleporting . The reason for this was the setup , which i agree with . But iam pretty sure i was able to teleport to an officer that stays at the base all the time . I might be mistaken and remember this wrong so dont hate me if thats the case . Just wanted to bring that up .