View Full Version : The Ezio Collection - why it's needed on the PC. Come on Ubisoft!

10-15-2018, 03:38 AM
I'm coming in very late to the AC Series (even though I've bought many of them on Steam sales - just never had the time to play them), so I'm starting from scratch. Spent a while trying to figure out how to get AC1 working with my Xbox One controller properly, finally got it going and it's generally fine control/performance-wise, but really a pretty unnecessary hassle compared to so many other older games which just work without messing with Xinput emulation apps like X360CE.

AC2 though is what I'm really interested in as it has a glowing reputation in the series. Unfortunately though, the PC version is a mess currently. I've spent upwards of nearly 2 hours playing with various mods/xinput emulation apps trying to get it into an acceptable state and have just given up. The problems are:

1) Gamepad support. Others have had success and I did have success using x360CE with AC1, but for the life of me can't get it to work on 2. The triggers don't work on my Xbox One and no fiddling with the latest version of X360CE can fix it. So that's a biggie as I play with my PC through my TV.

2) Stuttering. Massive stuttering on my RX560. It's not a performance bottleneck per-se, in between these stutters the game is pegged at 60, but despite using various combinations of vsync on/off, triple buffering utilities etc it still constantly hitches.

#3 - The biggie - the LOD (Level of Detail) setting has been borked on the PC for a while now, at least what I could gather reading from forums. Basically the problem is that the Environment Setting no longer has any effect on the PC version - 4 is the same as 1. Meaning that when you're running through the environment, details pop-in ridiculously close to the player. It completely ruins the aesthetic of the game. I'm not expecting Unity-level visuals here by any means, but as it is you're basically playing with graphics settings that at the time were meant for the game to run acceptably on integrated graphics.

So come on Ubisoft, release the collection on the PC. 2, considered one of the best in the series, is pretty much ruined on the PC right now. The collection could fix the controller issues, fix the LOD - and as the console versions are locked at 30fps, end up being the best way to experience the beginning of the series.

12-09-2018, 02:21 AM
I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. I just bought the ezio collection and am extremely disappointed it does not support 4k on the xbox one x and is locked at 30 fps. The game should have an unlocked framerate and support 4k. I would love to see them also fix the level of detail in the game. It is disappointing how shadows, textures, and characters pop into view in all three games. I would gladly appreciate if they updated the collection for the current gen consoles to correct these issues. Additionally, I would gladly repurchase the Ezio Collection on PC. As it is I have repurchased all these games multiple times and would gladly do so again. I own the 360, ps3, ps4, PC, and xbox one version of all these games (through the collection for the current gen consoles) and even purchased all these games twice on PC (once on uplay and once on steam) just to support the devs and because these are truly awesome games. I am excited to play the remaster of ac 3 which i have already purchased with ultimate version of Odyssey on xbox one and soon the ultimate version on PC and ps4. Please ubisoft bring the collection to PC and extend the draw distance of shadows, characters, and models. I would instantly spend full price on these games again.