View Full Version : [PC] Warrior/assassin ability slots activation

10-14-2018, 11:55 AM
Would it be possible to add a new feature in the next patch to be able to use keyboard keys 5-8 to activate the second row of warrior/assassin ability slots?
I find it a bit ridiculous that I have to switch between the two, given how many keys there are on the keyboard.
Basically have two option to use abilities - as it is now, and to use 5-8 number keys.

Ideally I would like there to be more than just 2x4 slots available, but I guess it wouldn't be implemented anyway...

10-14-2018, 12:08 PM
Or give some option to define some keys for the extra 4 slots, I agree, the switching between the two bars is just cumbersome.

And while you're add it, please add a function for "buy all", I always buy all the resources, and keeping the e button pressed for 280 resources gets really boring.

edit: oh and please make it, that the map saves the setting for displayed photos. I always show no photos, because I find it annoying to circumvent clicking on photos when I actually want to quick travel, since there is no quick travel point without one. Having to set that whenever I load a game is just tiring.