View Full Version : Currupt data message, have delete and reinstall

10-14-2018, 03:35 AM
Keep getting this error: Error Code: CE-34224-5 Application: CUSA09311 Message: Cannot continue using the application. The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4, and then insert the disc again. (End of message).

I have done this four times already, did lose my data. All I did was delete the application not the data, after it would work fine but pop up again. Any help is much appreciated.

10-14-2018, 03:51 AM
>All I did was delete the application not the data...

What you mean with the above?

Start the PS4 in safe mode and select Rebuild Database

How to: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/help-library/system---hardware/power---system-stability/safe-mode-on-playstation-4/

<Option 5>

If you get the same message after the above, most probably one or more of your saves files may be corrupt.

So, try to select and load a save file that's not corrupt. (by testing different save files)