View Full Version : Assassins Creed Robin Hood England

10-13-2018, 06:02 PM
Dear Ubisoft could you do an Assassins Creed Robin Hood set in the United Kingdom...Playing Odyssey has just made me think of it, the Woods, the Boars, the Stags, the Breathtaking Scenery and of course the Bow and Arrow..(you would need a PikeStaff as well)
You could round up your Merry Men (or just Little John) and as a Team (either Co Op or AI) run around robbing the Rich..Storming Castles, rescuing Maid Marrion, Looting Stagecoaches etc etc
Just an idea, a good one I think as Robin Hood could easily have been part of the Assassins Creed Fraternity.

10-14-2018, 06:26 PM
Oh heck yeah - you just triggered me!