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10-12-2018, 05:57 PM
So, I once reviewed almost all games of Assassin's creed and sent it to the support team aswell as a suggestion, but I'd like to post my suggestion here aswell and review abit of the games I loved.

I loved brotherhood the most out of all assassin's creed games. I loved being able to call in assassins to your aid. I found it fun to gear them out, to give them certain colors. I created a squad, a team, making one color a leader and formed a chain of command that way, in a sense. Other times I used the color to distinguish the members and imagine stories for them.
The only thing that always bothered me is the fact that the color disappeared once the member reached max rank and the cape was the only thing that showed the color anymore. This made it hard to distinguish them again.

Revelations was nice, but felt as if it had missed its mark with the brotherhood. The tower defence strategy aspect wasn't as fun. I would have rather had a battle on the ground, where members of that region joined you for a large battle. This would have been more immersive and enjoyable. The tower strategy could have been implemented, by being able to position where the assassins would first strike perhaps. Allowing multiple assassinations before the fight actually began.
The gearing options were alot better, still max rank stopped you from coloring them, though only a few could ever reach it.

I liked Unity, the capability of using different type of weapons. Spear, sword, etc.

Now, in Odyssey, though I miss alot of the old school Assassin's creed and find alot of issues with the current game, which frustrate me, I do love the conquer battles! It's what I would have wanted for revelations, basically. The lastest renditions of calling in help are immensely boring to me. Brotherhood remains the best one.

So, why not mix it all? Allow people to form their own squad like in Brotherhood, perhaps per section like in Revelations. Allow the person to gear the assassins into detail, their gear color and perhaps even uniforms, even when they hit max level, allowing people to create their own imaginative stories. Allow them to use any sort of weapon, form their own combination. Allow them to give their team members a crossbow, normal bow, hidden gun combined with hidden blades, sword, mace, spear, etc. Lastly, let conquer mode be large assassin versus templar battles or other enemies. We saw a siege in Assassin's creed 1, it'd be fun to have similar sieges.

That's just my idea.