View Full Version : OOS Wall Throws

10-12-2018, 05:28 PM
Not sure if any change had been made to this.

As Nobu before if I throw somebody OOS to the wall I would get side heavy into top heavy. Again not %100 sure if I remember correctly. But what I realised happens is my first heavy always misses. This happened so many times.

Then as Conq Iím %100 sure I should get 2 top heavies. It happened again that my first heavy missed.

It has been bothering me for a while now. Is it intended? Or something has changed o have to adapt? Thanks

10-12-2018, 06:00 PM
It's not only you. There are times where I throw a heavy when the enemy is on the ground (as Shug) and I somehow miss that even though I literally saw the weapon going through the enemy. It's a bug,for certain.