View Full Version : 1.03 Patch Took away mid fight Respec

10-12-2018, 05:13 PM
For nine days I played Odyssey with the ability to respec my abilities at any time. ANY TIME. Just like the premiere stated. Now, 1.03 has removed this ability! I just got into a fight with a Cultist that I would start as a Assassin/Hunter and normally respec into a Warrior to move in close, but I am blocked from doing so. This majorly damages my combat strategy, and ensures that I will no longer use Hunter or Assassin.

I am certain to get my *** kicked if I am not outfitted for close combat, because that is my elemental style. If I can not change abilities mid fight, you have hamstrung me, and your "Choose at any time" idea was a cruel lie. I am disappointed!

TL;DR - Ubi ****ed Players by removing Ability Choice mid Fight

10-12-2018, 05:54 PM
Edit- I realize now that ubisoft added a cost in drachmae to change abilities. I don't remember this costing money before 1.03, although I do now understand why my 10000 drachmae suddenly dropped to 600. This is a really ugly drain on in game resources and a disgusting one because Drachmae can be purchased using microtransactions.

This is a most unwelcome change! So much for your Respec at any time ********. You could have warned us. No, actually, this was a horrible design decision. I sincerely hope it was not driven by a desire to shore up your microtransactions, because that would make me never, ever buy a Ubisoft product again. For the record, I preordered the game, bought 2000 and then 6000 helix credits, so I have payed for the pleasure of playing this game. But paying to respec is going too far. It was advertised as FREE.

I also discovered that you changed the recipe for special arrows.

3 wood and 3 iron for 1 special arrow! Outrageous! You aren't balancing an MMO, Alexios/Kassandra is supposed to be a badass. Unless you are simply grubbing for more money through microtransactions. If that's the case, you are disgusting slime.

TL;DR - Ubisoft changed in game costs to make microtransactions more attractive. Respec costs Drachmae, and Arrows cost more for less.

10-12-2018, 07:27 PM
It has costed drachmae since day 1 and you get so much drachmae from playing and it is so cheap to respec that I don't think anyone thought it would be a issue.

Respecing every battle is too much just chill