View Full Version : Feat Rework Possibility

10-12-2018, 02:48 PM
Good morning everyone,
Awhile ago in a different thread I had suggested making feats act like they do in the story mode.
For those who are unaware, in story mode you get to choose 2 feats from a selection, most are passive, but there are also some such as Second Wind, Sharpen Blades. Things such as Catapults and Fire Flasks were map based pickups that one could acquire.
I thought I'd make my own thread to see how people would feel if such a change was made. Personally I kind of like the idea, but I can see some disadvantages such as people camping the catapult spawn, among other things.
How would you all feel about 2 feats and a pickup instead of the current 4 feat system?

10-12-2018, 08:05 PM
In that other post I commented about the Fire Damage boost we had in Vulcano’s event....but I think that catapults and those kind of feats would require a timer to avoid camping them as you mentioned.

It could be similar to heavy ammo in Destiny. An alarm sounds 30 seconds before feat appear in two different places and teams fight to clear the area and get the feats. Timer could be every 3 minutes for example, in that way we would be getting feats in the map around 2 or max 3 times per match.