View Full Version : no reply from customer service.

10-11-2018, 02:28 AM
i started a case on October 2nd in reference to my order of the Assassins Creed Odyssey Spartan edition. I am missing the deluxe content code and I have not received an email in reference to the missing content. I did receive an email on my case stating they saw i received my package. I did receive the package however i am missing the deluxe content which is why i originally made the case. I saw that Ubisoft page states they are working on the situation and have emailed all affected players, however i have not been emailed regarding the missing content. my case nmber is 07087608. I try to start a live chat but when i do it just updates my case and does not start the chat so I cannot talk with customer support. When I started the case it says they reply in 48hours but i'm still waiting (started the case 8days ago). starting to get frustrated with being ignored. I payed a lot of money for the spartan edition and I would like the rest of my content.