View Full Version : This game is unplayable

10-10-2018, 06:35 AM
This game has too many problems for me too say but here is a couple im hoping you guys will look at and hopefully patch/fix. first of all, the game has 0 balance. i am currently rep 5 and im going against reps 20+ daily. Even when i am good with a certain hero, i have no one on my team too help balance out the enemy's skill and armor ratings.

The second thing is some heros in the game cant parry some attacks from other heros in the game.. most people spam there light attacks and blocks back too back, and there is nothing too do then just take it and lose the game each time you go against the enemy.

You might just say "Well why dont you just get better at the game and train harder too get good" well thats impossible with how the game is set up. Please fix!

Fix #1 : add balancing too the game.

Fix #2 : add a 1+ second timer on combos after you perform then once.