View Full Version : Still no news on actually looking at the core flaws of the game

10-09-2018, 11:40 AM
Can anyone tell me why I`ve paid and now paying for a game where I fight alongside AI against four people from another continent with a wi-fi connection that is so **** and they are so far from the servers that I cannot see indicators or actually play the game. I mean why have an option for blocking when you allow players with 140-200 ping stay in lobbies an entire match, and not just one, but four with that kind of ping.

It's been a long time since Iīve played a game this poorly designed, I mean especially when you consider Ubisoft as a triple-A company. Personally, I am so tempted to give this game a horrible review on every page I can find, because it deserves it. The idea is great, the game looks great, the game could have been great, but when problems still persist after one and a half year, and still no fix insight you can only laugh. I hope this game dies out soon, that way maybe we can see another company give it a go at a game with similar game mechanics. Because clearly, Ubisoft does not intend to really fix issues in the game. Please be honest, will you ever fix core mechanics such as the incredible rewarding for laggy players, bad matchmaking, few servers with flunky latency issues, reflex guard bug, the wast inconsistencies to your game mechanics, indicators not correctly responding, hit stun not accurately register, map balance, hero balance, game mode balance (rewards per min not per average), I could write a Ph.D. and I still would not cover half.

I`m just asking, will you fix this issue that makes it unplayable half the games + when you`re so lucky to be in EU and on PS4? or do you only care for NA PC and even they have it bad in this manner, just not nearly as bad. To be honest I bet you could go to ****ing legal action against Ubisoft because it still is not the game that was promised on release, and that is trough Ubisoft's official channels of marketing and streams and so forth.

Itís something we started looking back at since your last message. Itís not an easy fix, to be honest. We want players to be able to play, we want as well the best experience possible for everyone, then add the matchmaking parameters on top of that and itís getting pretty tricky This is Ubisoft's response a few weeks back, like they were not ****ing aware of their horrible servers, matchmaking and so forth. so that they are looking into something that should have been on release when the game is closing in on two years baffles me, just says that this game will just drag along a small player base to milk money until the game dies out completely. I`m sure there are a lot of people that are working on this game that is just as annoyed that they`re not allowed or given the resources to fix this game because Ubisoft wants yet another cow to milk.

10-10-2018, 03:12 AM
I couldn't agree more, the matchmaking is truly awful and it's certainly not skill based, it'd be good if Ubisoft relinquished its greedy money driven claws off this game and handed it off to a company that's at least capable, alongside the blatant issue with free damage in this game where X and RT is the only thing people use for turtling the match making is horrific