View Full Version : Whatís New: Ubisoft Dropped the Ball

10-09-2018, 12:11 AM
So, let me take you back to June 2018, I purchase a copy of Assassins Creed Odyssey Spartan edition and a hoodie. All together the total came to $200. I checked my bank account the following day, Ubisoft took $400 out of my account. Iím a college kid, I didnít really have the money to buy the game let alone twice! I contact Ubisoft, they donít get back to me for DAYS! Finally after calling my bank to fight the charge, ubisoft conviently comes back with a ďwe will refund the second charge right away.Ē Good. Great. I can pay my rent again.

Fast forward to October 2nd. Iím excited and ready to go. Give me this game I need to consume my sole until red dead 2 comes out. Get home, nothing. Contact Ubisoft. I find out through Ubisoft support page, thereís a shipping issue with some. I think ďok, itíll be here by the 5th right?Ē Wrong. ďDid I get a response from Ubisoft in the 72 hours between the 2nd and 5th?Ē Nope. Dispite their turn around quoting 48 hours. Contact them again. This time asking for my money back. as of today, still nothing. No contact, no product, no money, no tracking info.

Google the issue, sounds like most people received their copy. So the only thing I can think of, when Ubisoft refunded the double charge they ****ed me by refunding the wrong one and now Iím not going to get a copy of the game or my money back.

Why am I here? Iím hoping someone form Ubisoft finally gets their head out of the sand and gives me my money back so I can walk away from Ubisoft and stop wasting my time and money on their games.