View Full Version : Some dialogues..glitches maybe ? (SPOILERS)

10-08-2018, 08:40 PM
I was in Phoabes..I think it's called . Doing the Kingfisher quest . Anyway , one thing stood out to me when you talk to the slave guy who give you the quest .

I had a choice of answer between : You can trust me OR You can't trust anyone .

I picked the 1st one ''You can trust me'' . Later after doing 3 quest for him and yada yada , he turn and tell me 'You told me not to trust anyone and you were right!'' .

Really ? Is this some kind of glitches or something ?

@Ubi can you shed some light ? Cose this isn't the 1st time I noticed that what I picked for a reply..come off weird .