View Full Version : Some movesets key requirements are driving me crazy

10-08-2018, 04:56 PM
Hello guys ,

The Shinobi and Orochi shares some extremely dangerous lethal counter attacks

it's very hard to activate since it requires the enemy to attack AND demands multiple difficult combination of keys to do it ( Key Board )

and if you have latency problems just forget about it , it's only meant for those who plays near Ubisoft servers

The Shinobi disappear and cuts the enemy from behind causing intense bleeding

The Orochi revolves his body and stabs you from the opposite direction of his swords causing huge damage and bleeding

These counter moves are inescapable if triggers right which is a nightmare if you face a well veteran who can do it easily

I tried many hours in the arena and i'm just getting killed by the AI bot , i did it but it's like 15% chance to work

and if you missed it it means you sacrificed the chance to block the enemy's attack or dodge it , leading to eat a clean hit

that's why i couldn't find it worthy to risk it in real battle , but damn i wish if can trigger it smoothly so please help me .

10-08-2018, 05:14 PM
It sounds like you're talking about Deflects. This is an option open to all assassin classes as well as Valk (Unsure if anyone else has a deflect). It is triggered by you dodging into your opponent's attack and then quickly countering with your own attack, which changes depending on who you are playing, with a few having 2 options. The trick is to make sure to dodge into the attack, so if you see the attack coming and would normally block right, dodge right instead. If the attack is coming from the top, then you would need to dodge forward. Let us know if you have any other questions.