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10-07-2018, 02:26 PM
After 600 hours since the beta the only question is: are you serious?

You totally messed up with this game. The only good thing i saw in one year and half is the dedicated server (and just for the leaving session problem, because i'm not sure this dedicated server are so good in general).

The matchmaking is bad.
Reworked character based just on "take a move/mechanics and abuse it over and over and over again".
All rework leveled to the shaman. Not a nice move.
Feats never reworked (i mean, seriously reworked).
Feints system totally out of control.
Light attack spam + feint system + UB spam + 50/50, 30/30/30, whatever that turned the game in a guessing game.

And let's talk about one of the most annoying stuff: revenge. For real, what is this? You had to fix it after one week. I see people constantly in revenge after the last change. They finish revenge and are ready for revenge again with insane bonus. What are you waiting for to fix it? You need one season data for that? And i would like to talk about people that go in revenge even in 1vs1. Very nice thing to see and never fixed.

And you didn't get that you don't have to touch revenge with stats/perk/feats, because even with the new perk system there is something for modify it.

It's a shame, because the core and the idea behind this game are ****ing amazing and for now unique. I appreciate the effort and the support, but i think you took the wrong way.

10-07-2018, 04:46 PM
Well light spam is no big deal in higher play (eventhough i am not a pro). I can deal with it to a sufficent extent

I am glad, that they reworks really kick in, because I enjoy it more to have every hero OP, instead of having starring session like during the defensive meta. Eventhough I as a LB main still wait for my buff session.

The matchmaking is sometimes meehh ... i often get into matches with enemies lead with 300-400 points. But this could just mean, that you have a higher skill rating. The devs said, that they want to put better players in weaker teams to balance it out. Eventhough this can be pretty frustrating for the "savior".

Revenge is definitely an annoying thing. Bashes give waaaaay to much revenge. It's almost a disadvantage to use them.
Often in Dominion I face 1vs1 situations and after 2-3 block shoves my enem, goes revenge O.o. WTF
My block shove is not even a confirmed light, but a 50/50.
If bashes give much revenge in ganks, it's all okay but not in 1vs1. Screw it!
Assassins have fast lights and heavies have bashes. Fast lights give almost no revenge but bashes almost overflow the revenge bar.

10-07-2018, 04:53 PM
I think some of your complaints are justified, and some are not. I've played since beta as well. I miss the days when fights weren't unblockable spamfests and orange charged colors and all sorts of shenanigans on screen, when it was more about sword fighting. Yes some mechanics were broken/poorly tuned then, like GB on any parry, etc. But the game felt so good to play. The original roster sort of worked when it was just them, despite the turtle meta (which could have been fixed without introducing ridiculous DLC characters and 500ms/400ms attacks for every assassin plus a host of other characters).

Matchmaking is bad, but I'm unsure as to the data used for the protocol. It can't really just be win rate... right? The devs aren't that foolish. Although, they did cling to their P2P network for months after release despite everyone saying since alpha that the game needed servers.

Agreed that the fact feats have not been seriously reworked is a bit ridiculous.

Not sure what you mean about the feint system, I think it's pretty good. I also think revenge is in a fine place now, despite good players still being able to fairly easily turtle for it. But that's a separate issue (turtling, which is still a problem, though much less of a problem than on release).

I agree with your last statement. This is the game I've always wanted, fantasized about, hoped would get made one day. And Ubisoft did it. But it's not exactly what I thought/hoped it would be. And I would surmise this is why Jason left the team/his relationship to it deteriorated, the game became something different than it's original inception. So why do I keep playing? Because it's the closest thing in reality to what I have in my head.