View Full Version : Game Crashes at end of the first cutscene

10-07-2018, 12:12 PM
I know most people seem to be crashing on startup, i seem to be able to get past this.

I can get through all of the dialogue in the first cut scene, the game will crash if i try to skip the cut scene or if i watch it to the end, as youre about to take control of the character for the first time. It has done this at least 30 times in a row.

I have tried all the fixes going round on the forums, like playing in boarderless mode, reinstalling game etc.

Don't think i have a problem with PC spec - i7 7740x, GTX 980, 16GB ram

Running on the latest Nvidia drivers and with the latest windows updates.

Support ticket - 07125393.

11-18-2018, 04:02 AM
Did you find a solution? I'm having the same issue