View Full Version : Never received digital download of the game

10-06-2018, 12:55 AM
I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Standard Digital Edition) on 10/2/2018 from the Uplay PC store and during checkout, on the last page where I assume it was supposed to confirm my order, the page showed an error 404. I checked my Library and the game was not there, even though it is listed on the game page "After purchase, your game will be activated automatically in Uplay PC." I checked my bank statement and noticed that there is a pending charge for the game, but as of today (10/5/2018) it still is not processed. I never received an email confirmation that confirmed my purchase and my order history shows an empty order history.

I tried getting in contact with Ubisoft support via Twitter and their Live Chat, but I couldn't get in contact with anyone. 10/5/2018 is the release date of the game, and the charge is still pending and I still haven't received the game. I can't request a refund either, since I don't have an order confirmation number. I've created a ticket for my case (case# 07103244), but with the amount of issues Ubisoft encountered today and their Live Chat hours are only M-F 1pm - 8pm EST I doubt they will respond back to me.

Can anyone help with this?