View Full Version : My Daily Mission doesn't scale level properly and is for LVL 35 while I'm only 17

10-06-2018, 12:37 AM
As in the title, today's daily mission for Orichalcum Ore doesn't scale level properly. While I'm only level 17, the mission is for level 35. I was hoping this was only a bug in the Message Board, so I accepted the quest. However, the NPC told me to kill 3 lions that are level I assume 35, but I can't see because all I see is a skull, telling me the level of the enemy is way too high for me.

Is there anything I can do about it? Because the quest is just too difficult for me, I'm not able to finish it. It would be a pity to not be able to finish today's mission as I'm trying to save as much Orichalcum Ore as I can to purchase legendary items.

Here are the screenshots from the game:

Screenshot of Message Board. The level of the mission is 35 while I'm only 17:


Screenshot of enemy lions which are way too difficult for me:


I hope I'll receive a response. Thanks for reading.

Edit: I don't know what happened, but eventually, the quest reset and level scaling worked properly, so I was able to finish it.