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10-05-2018, 10:30 PM
Despite the fact, that for honor has alot of Balance issues. Which at first sight or at least a period Of Time , give you negative experience. And makes you wanna quit the game. And give up.
İ personally started to benefit from it in a positive way in my daily Life. İ am a better Person now.

Since some broken skills require more prediction than Skill to counter, My senses of Prediction and dealing with anger and gratefullness increased in positive way.

Thanks to for honor İ learned to ignore things that bother me in Real life.

Dealing with Anger and Gratefullness:

İ work for a company for 3 years now.
My salary didnt increase like i expected . So i get upset all the time and İ lost my Motivation to work productive. But Thanks to For honor İ am gratefull i have a Job and a confortable working times. Which most the people in my position cant effort.

Prediction , Try Harder and Perfection:

İ was so upset of Orochi rework , because he is so easy to predict and became very vulnerable to parries. But now. Day by day.. i can read peoples minds İn Game aswell as in Daily life And counter them at the best moment. ( İ have to Turtle) When they dont expect it.

İ have more patience, i listen alot more. İ avoid talking too much. İ analize more. İ Have answers For the right Times. İ evolved better Timing sense.

İ am less vulnerable to Critic moments in Life.

İ Think For honor has helped me alot with my Personality.

Basically, Fot Honor Taught me how to be a Better Person. A Real Survivor. A True Sneaky Assassine 😂
Thank you Dev Team.

10-05-2018, 11:55 PM
I agree. When users piss me off at work I sometimes fantasise about decapitating them with a letter opener. I can now live out those fantasies in FH, thus keeping myself out of prison.

10-06-2018, 01:25 AM
Glad that FH has been something you can use irl to help you through these situations, Baturai.

The real For Honor...is the friends we made along the way. <3

10-06-2018, 02:37 AM
My oldest son loves playing this with me. Most of the time he likes messing around with customizing heroes. And we get excited each week to check out the update.

On the negative side my wife gets mad because I take up her Netflix time LOL.

Sometimes at work I imagine throwing a punch at my boss and yelling "incredibilis!!"