View Full Version : PS4 - Bug blocking story quest "Memories Awoken"

10-05-2018, 09:31 PM
Running on PS4 Pro, downloaded game through Playstation Store.

Have progressed through to the story quest "Memories Awoken" - which is the first step in upgrading the spear of Leonidas.

When I activate the main door, the first cut-scene plays and Kassandra has a nice moment with her mother, then there's supposed to be a second cut-scene - however instead there's a long white load screen, followed by a frozen Kassandra outside the door - indicating that the second cut-scene has failed to load.

I've tried restarting PS4, and even went as far as to delete and re-download the game overnight to see if that would fix it - it did not.

So both story and character advancement is now blocked for me by this bug. Please investigate.