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10-05-2018, 06:57 PM
Hello there Starlink representatives! I'm here, on a mission more or less as the man who runs the https://twitter.com/VixenVotaries Krystal support account, to help revive this dormant character as a passion project.


So Initially I presumed there was a 0% of Krystal appearing in this crossover as there has been a lot of deliberate wording to state "the original star fox team" when referring to it's characters, but all this really does is cruelly leave her out, I however got word from part of her fanbase about this tweet from your twitter account. Pertaining to one of the most obscure Star Fox characters.


So who is Krystal?

Krystal is a canon member of Star Fox team who appeared in 3 games, first debuting in Star Fox Adventures, for the Nintendo Gamecube. Much like the creation of the Star Fox crossover with Starlink the Star Fox inclusion was by a chance meeting, the game at the time "Dinosaur Planet" Shigeru Miyamoto (the one and only) saw a project by Rareware and mentioned how the characters looked like Star Fox characters, from there it became what it is today. As a result of this game Krystal became an internet sensation.

How popular is she really?

There was a time where she was in the top 5 most requested newcomers (more so than Wolf) for Nintendo's hit party-game/fighter hybrid Super Smash Brothers, her popularity had transcended the games themselves, and despite her decreasing popularity due to her last appearance being in 2008, and her last Star Fox game giving her a less than desirable personality it's definitely decreased. Despite this she still made it into Smash as an assist trophy through sheer force of popularity and her dedicated fanbase. Despite Nintendo keeping her locked away for unknown reasons. Take a look, she's literally the first trophy shown on their website!


That may not seem like a lot to some people, but it's like being accepted into a kind of character olympics, simply being there is an honor.

If she's really so popular, why don't I see her mentioned?

Krystal fans themselves seemed to have moved on to other things, believing that Nintendo had forgotten their blue vixen in favor of something else, some believing she was erased from existence due to their last game, Star Fox: Zero which feasibly couldn't have had her to begin with. People are often persecuted for liking her for her sultry design, and wrongly scapegoat her for the questionable decisions and non-standard Star Fox gameplay of the games she's in.

So if there's only a few fans left, why should we include her?

It's my belief they've merely gone dormant, You can't tell me you honestly heard a lot of Star Fox buzz in general, Yet here we are with considerable positive reception to it's existence in Starlink, They'll surely become emboldened with her revival and we'd see plenty more of them showing back up. Did I mention that Krystal fans have no issues dishing out cash for her? Surely the chance for extra monetary gain from your unique venture, featuring one of the most popular Star Fox characters, is a fine idea for a DLC pilot, wouldn't you say?

What about designing her?

While there's not much new content to draw from, There's some popular rumor mongers who tell of some kind Star Fox racing gaming hybrid being designed by Retro Studios, if that's the case you could hit them up and maybe they'll hook you up! ...Maybe. I've also included an old art piece that depicts a more team-fitting design, aswell as her own gunship, which amusingly in retrospect looks pretty fitting with your Arwing rendition. If not there's always old designs to go off of, because isn't the love for Star Fox all about nostalgia anyway?

If there's any interest or questions about what I've said, or anything pertaining to company interest in the slightest fashion, There's no reason to hesitate! Feel free to shoot me a message.

10-09-2018, 09:28 AM
Hey Gagnetar,

Thank you for sharing this with us on our Forums as well!
I can clearly see how much passionate you are regarding this topic ;)

10-09-2018, 12:19 PM
It is always nice to see a favorite character in a video game but seriously would it even make sense? Star Fox in starlinks is already stretching the main storyline of starlinks with them being in Atlas looking for wolf and adding krystal in DLC would make things even more complicated, such as a story reason for her being there. Also there's the issue of if she even is a member of star fox still since Peppy is obviously still apart of the team. Would she even have an arwing to fly in?

10-09-2018, 04:29 PM
I don't really see how or why that matters, It's a crossover, it's literally "hey we want these people together" I understand people are divisive about her, but I can't say story line has really ever mattered to me personally, I mean look at smash, it's a non-canon crossover which exists because "hey we want these together" which is similar because of this, If that's really needed, her coming through a time travel portal with her Cloudrunner fighter is just fine for a scifi setting, since for some reason that's considered science and not magic.

Aslong as they steer well clear of her command personality, which is hot garbage.

10-09-2018, 04:45 PM
But It's difficult to try and sell her to a company, You'll have to forgive my bluntness but I can't say that comment really does anything for me. It's nice to have my passion acknowledged, But I was wondering if there was anyway you could perhaps take this to the Starlink dev team, I know that this character was past what most people think of for the definitive Star Fox experience, but she has a large fanbase, She appeared in 3 games after all. Even if I think there's a pretty good chance of them shrugging it off because of it not being "the original team" I'd be grateful of the chance.

So many people these days simply fight against characters they don't like, or have an ensemble of characters they fight for because of the internet. I simply fight for the fair vixen.
Sure, there's hardly that much to her, and she's about as well-written as an 8-year old's school report on global warming. But isn't that a lot of video game characters? Because for me she taught me the importance of passion and liking whatever you want, independent of what others like. So many of her fans seem defeated about her, or refuse to stand and fight, and she still has potential that was squandered and untapped by Nintendo.

Well we all know I'm not like that. In any case, Thanks for the comment and your time, please consider passing the support for her up to them!

P.S. have a tweet relevant to Star Fox Zero, considering this game (appears atleast) to use Zero assets.