View Full Version : Stucking after finish *Snake in the grass*

10-04-2018, 08:54 PM
So after killing Elpenor in the cave I stuck. I do not get the next step from the mainquest nor can I find Herodotus anywhere. After running around more then 1 hr. for nothing I am pretty frustrated. I did nothing wrong, did talk to the oracle and then went to his hideout. Now its just nothing. Any Idea whats causing this ?

10-05-2018, 02:55 AM
Same problem here.

10-05-2018, 12:47 PM
No one an idea ?
I'll try to start an earlier safe and check at least that

10-05-2018, 06:29 PM
So - I did restart the game from *Consulting a ghost* and did change Kassandra's behaviour.
She did kill all the guards and stuff first and wasn't nice to Pythia- in the end I got finally the *talk to Herodotos* quest

If this is a bug caused from gameplay ( instead of killing - sneaking in ) I would say its a terrible bug.

10-06-2018, 11:58 PM
Same problem here, waiting for news i dont want to do 12h again for this bug

10-07-2018, 12:13 AM
Having the same problem, i hope they notice this and fix it soon

10-07-2018, 04:08 AM
Please let me know what behavior seemed to cause this issue and what choices let you continue on. If we can reproduce an issue than we can more easily fix it. I'm sorry you all are stuck on this specific quest!

10-07-2018, 04:15 AM
UbiGabbin, i have opened a topic and i don't want to bump it up again, can you please read this:

This is the problem being explained allot better then what i have previously posted: please read this: Note :the problem has not been fixedUser name: Baraka12, PC, Assassins creed Odyssey,My problem is a bit unusual then most of what i read on the support forums.I can get to the main menu and do a benchmark, but when i press the "new game" button and after a few seconds of loading, my PC restart.My System: Windows 10 latest update (october), Geforce GTX 1080 (Tried both of the latest driver release - version 411.70 and version 416.16 , i7 4790K, 16GB DDR3the really odd thing was that with the video card drivers version 411.70 and version 416.16 the geforce experience didn't recognize the game, when i scanned my PC for games, (there was no geforce experience game profile) but now that i back to an even older version of the drivers (411.63) the geforce experience finally detect the game, but it can't optimize it for some reason. i will try to update to the latest version now that GE can has detected the game.and by what i can read on the intel page, my CPU supports the AVX instructions needed - but then again i never heard of it until this gameplease pass my case to the team!

10-07-2018, 04:19 AM
Also i followed these (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/faqs/000025513/General-PC-Troubleshooting) instruction, suggested by the facebook UBisoft support team, i did each and every step, none fixed the problem.
and they haven't answered back since then

10-07-2018, 01:24 PM
Baraka12. Is your Video Card overclocked? Just a thought. I have a profile at that is stable in other games (overclocking my GTX1080), but it causes crashed in AC Odyssea. Make sure everything is stock for the game.

10-07-2018, 02:29 PM
I bought the Founders edition so i think its not Overclocked, I never Overclocked it myself =/

But thank you for the answer

10-11-2018, 12:27 AM
I was able to fix this issue myself by going back and restarting mission without any armor or weapons on me before entering starting mission. Hope this works, I lost about 12hrs of gameplay though but Ubi-support hasn't found any other option.