View Full Version : Orichalcum Ore not picking up

10-04-2018, 01:27 PM
Has anyone else had a problem picking up the Orichalcum Ores that are dotted around the place.

I'm not far in, but have found at least 3 spots that will not allow me to pick them up at all. 2 on Malis and one today on Andros.
They are there shining away and even bring up the pointer when revelation is used, but I cannot pick them up no matter how much I press triangle in the vacinity.
I've reloaded, come back to the areas after going to different islands and they still just sit there doing nothing.

This may be only a tiny issue, but like a lot of people I try to collect everything from each region. Also as this is a currency for legendry items, it negates the need to spend real money by collecting them.

Is this a bug for everyone, or just me?