View Full Version : 597 days and we still have day one problems.

10-04-2018, 12:32 PM
Hi and hello!

So this game has been out for 597 days now, it has horrible matchmaking and the worse connection you have thus better you`ll " be at the game". The difference is that we went from P2P which was horrible vs a lot of people, especially on the third world console PS4. Now we have dedicated servers, but the lag is just as prevalent today as it`s been since day one, in EU if you are at a higher MMR you`ll literally face African/middle eastern players playing only as a 3-4 stack playing only assassins or hybrids and they`ll just run around and spam attacks. I have no way of knowing if they`re good or complete **** because I`ve yet to see most of them actually faint an attack. But, why would they do that, it`s just a waste of stamina. when you have a connection that goes from 80-150 ping and you can just run around with your 3-4 stack vs people that solo queue and spam attacks they can`t see animations or indicators of most of the time.

The fact that middle eastern players/African players complained (as they were in the right to do) about they had to fight high latency players when they queued with Asia (which they had the best connection with (not EU)) Ubisoft's solution was to group them with EU which just made EU players have to fight even higher latency then middle eastern/African players had to begin with. Ubisoft's response was that this was a trial and they would come back to it. Well, as Ive said the game has been ou for 597 days and this fundamental thing, this literally the core of the game, and it still is not near acceptable for an online game you paid 60-100$ for upon release.

I would love if you could stop going so hard on new content before your current content is at least something you could call viable for a day one release. I personally love and hate this game, I love the idea, the design, the warrior's den, the heroes and it looks so good the marching fire expansion. I`m just sad Ubisoft does not care that much for loyal players and rather want to bring back old players and recruit new players to earn more money. I Personally think they should just calm down and fix most of the major things in the game, then push the new content, maybe they could hold on to a decent player base throughout a season for once and that could increase in the end to making more money and delivering a product that is on par with the general expectations we should be able to expect from a AAA company.

10-04-2018, 04:45 PM
Thank you. I'm facing this issue,too,and it's not on my end. Orochis and Wardens running around with high latency and completely unreactable,or attacks I should have blocked but I'm dead instead. It gets very infuriating after a while.

10-04-2018, 07:07 PM
This... So much this...