View Full Version : My own bug and crash

10-04-2018, 10:40 AM
though I make my own thread , which I fill out as I stumble on them ...

My game froze during a battle at sea . (Thanx god for autosave) . I think though , it may have been my pc . I'm on running it on Medium .

Another issue I had , was when it froze and crashed and I tried reloading..it wouldn't reload . Instead I got a blackscreen that froze (I also filled a crash report and sent it) .

Quest issue : Remember when Barnabas tell you to get the Archer ? I did , knocked him and he run off . Then decided to kill the remaining bandit in the camp . Go back to him , and Kassandra say 'I had to kill him' . I saw him run off toward my boat though . So glitches ?

I got new recruit since then , but though I mention it and you could take a look at it .