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10-02-2018, 07:27 PM
Ac Odyssey pc hdr not working.
A lot of other PC games I play that have HDR Support like F1 2018, Far Cry 5, Forza Motorsport 7, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield V they all display a Proper HDR Signal

But when I switch on HDR in Assassins Creed Odyssey the screen was really dark and washed out No amount of HDR calibration can fix the incorrect signal the game seems to give to my display. It od completly unplayable. This same sytuation like in Origins.

What is wrong, i see a lot od people with this problem, but i know other without this.

10-02-2018, 07:52 PM
Same here, The HDR on Origins is working perfect but Odyssey is another story.....I hope the devs can fix it soon.

10-02-2018, 07:57 PM
yes.it's terrible. i turned it off

10-02-2018, 08:00 PM
Fixed by disabling RTSS for AC Odyssey in my case.


10-02-2018, 11:59 PM
Wow, it's work for me!! Thanks!

10-03-2018, 12:19 AM
I've definitely seen some conflicts with RivaTuner and our games in the past. Please temporarily disable the program and see if that resolves the issue.

10-03-2018, 01:36 AM
Greetings! So, I have RTSS and disabled it for the game, but HDR remains greyed out, listed as "unavailable" for me. Any ideas how to get it working? (I'm playing the PC version on a 4K HDR TV.)

10-03-2018, 12:19 PM
Me too! Playing on PC with a GTX 1080, Windows 10. I can choose and activate HDR in settings and it changes the picture, but it looks dull and very washed out. Other Ubisoft games like ACOrigins and Far Cry 5 looks and works great with HDR. I do not have RivaTuner installed.

If the developer wants a DxDiag or anything, just let me know where it should go.

10-14-2018, 07:02 PM
It works for me, I uninstalled MSI afterburn and RTSS, the application was not even running...

Probably some driver or dll of RTSS was loaded even if the software was not running, in some way impact the game...

10-29-2018, 08:35 PM
Tried this too with Rivatuner but looked the same :-/

10-31-2018, 12:21 AM
I have the same problem on PS4 Pro. Went round and around with customer support. Wasn't able to find a solution.

10-31-2018, 01:16 PM
On my PS4 Pro this game looks amazing with HDR. But I'd rather play it on my PC with RTX 2080 ti 4k 60fps. But if I enable HDR on PC it doesn't look good at all. When I play Farcry 5 on PC with HDR it looks stunning! But this game with HDR on PC, is a huge disappointment and it 's so very sad.

I hope UbiSoft does something with this. I've also tried to switch between PS4 Pro and PC with both HDR enable and you can't even compare them. So I still choose to play this on PC without HDR just because of higher fps.

UbiSoft, any information about this would be so nice!