View Full Version : How much VRAM?!

10-02-2018, 06:54 PM
So bought Assassins Creed Odyssey for my pc, and ive got to be honest it does not run well... Origins ran better than this.
It takes an entire gig and above of VRAM to push the environment details to very high. Hard to believe this game uses the same engine as Origins, as Origins never used this much VRAM, i get 45-70 fps in Origins with ultra settings, but getting max 25-30fps in Odyssey 😥. Hopefully this is somewhat patched, although I do need an excuse to upgrade 🤔.

x2 Gtx 980m 8gb sli (sli not enabled for this game again it seems)
Desktop I7 6700
16gb hyper impact RAM

I know laptop cards aren't officially supported, but worked great in Origins.