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10-02-2018, 12:38 PM
info: These are just my thoughts and I do not pretend to be super objective about them. Will not argue if someone will not agrees with these. Just for devs to see my feedback.

Also i got the game for free, thank you for great experience i liked game a lot it while my fun lasted.

I also quit to play this right after marching fire test. Now decided to write some feedback after two weeks of not playing.

Game concept and fighting system if very fun, I was very into it. Was watching videos, reading tactics etc. Playing a lot, training. Community is fun and helpfull if not sometimes very toxic in all 3 places here and on steam\reddit.
Waited for matching fire and Breach mode. Tested it and liked. But...

But this game has big problem - very slow balance changes. Devs just dont want to make small fast experimental changes here and there, roll them out, roll back if something wrong. Shift things to test it out and make it better for everyone.
As of now game just has easy mode characters with lots of options. And hard mode characters that are also fun to play with but require a lot more skill and less chances for mistakes to win anything from first type of characters. And this hard part does not come with any compensations for it. Just somewhat outdated to current meta characters.
Balance of this game even for casuals is plus minus fine as it is... but only for a time you can endure pressure if you like to play some hardmode character and don't switch to easy mode to rest from pressure. And yes it is easier for people whose main is in easy mode category at this moment.

Another connected to balance issue is about account connected matchmaking. It just makes no sense at all in this game. With lots of such different gameplay-wise characters.
I mean I am very fine with matchmaking in general, it is balanced enough. But only If you play your main. But if you want to change character to differentiate things at some point, you will be punished hard for this for a long period of time. First you will lose a lot to enemies of your bracket, then you will drop down and your main will be punished by being in the lower bracket also.
Why cant just make combination of account+character matchmaking. Newbs vs Newbs, Casuals\Pros with mains vs Casuals\Pros with mains. Casuals|Pros with new character vs Casuals\Pros with new character. Pros with new characters vs Casuals with mains. Depends on both.

Also how hard it is to fix and turn on team shuffle really. this one thing can fix lots of issues.

Other than this i don't really have any other things i even want to mention. Because really - some unbalanced move of some character is just not worth it. It is a small issue, every other game has these too. Things like that are fixable if someone fixes it over time. But if it stays unbalanced and not fixed for a long time then snowball just grows and grows and all this combined becomes big problem and reason to quit.

So my quitting was just like this:
-Was honestly trying to play better with Nobushi as main and havins fun +\-
-Played marching fire test looked at new characters with most of them having again more options then my main. Won some, loss some to them. (more of second)
-Started to play main game again noticed that I am raging too much in matches.
-I wanted to try some other character for fun other than kensei that was my first main, but thought about that learning curve to new character and all those losses in near future, and just stopped to rest a bit. To play some singleplayer game for fun.
- Then I read 2 months slowpoke balancing of season 6 post with main idea from devs - "we are not going to do anything to balancing AT ALL, just endure another half year untill next balancing blog where we maybe announce some plans to change something after another half year"
- Just lost hope for even some small fixes and quit for good.

Even thought this Game is fun It has too much for me to endure and balance maintenance is nonexistent or too slooooow. Devs you really need to change your attitude to balancing, game is not perfect at all, so your dread to change things to not break them just doesn't make any sense for me.
And so i just stopped. Not sure if I return sometime or not, but I don't expect that to happen.

10-02-2018, 01:54 PM
For honor is like that bad love. You got tired of it say you will quit, but than comes that incredible night of love and you just keep on going.
Itís like a roller coster of emotions, I love it and I hate it most of the time, but i still enjoy it.
I hope that perk system wonít cripple warlord even more, itís already a pain to fight wardens, conquerors, zerkers and kenseis, but I think it will make things even harder for all warlord mains.