View Full Version : Too many small maps in the domain, and stupid BOT

09-30-2018, 11:46 PM
It's Easy
For Domain it's a same song everyday.
Domain it's hard for player that not have a group, and many team are in ts too.
So organized team move like one in the 3 Domain zones and kill easy every single player that try to coordinate with other party group.

It is chaotic and boring for those who enter alone, it is limitative for fun.

So I am aware that maps can not be extended, but can be introduce a new gain system poin :

Every single zone A, B, or C produces a points gain only if it is manned.

So if team Blu conquer point A , to earn points he must leave a member of the team, if everyone goes out the profit is reduced to zero.

This can balace the boring situation , 4 player that move to one zone to another and kill easy the enemy with the numerical advantage.

I know that many players will not be happy, most of them have a stable group to play with every day, many others do not have this kind of privilege, , and the resault is that often during play some player leave session becouse very day the game it's the same.
This can boring who leave the title becouse never find a good group and boring for people that stay in session with nobrainbot.

Other point: Bot When in PVP for some reason a player quit, the bot that takes its placet is stupid, uncooperative and loyal, does not help in battle and does not assist you in the fighting. It's useless.
It is preferable to play with a man less than having a bot that he suffers every situation and can't be egual to player.
Don't have a solution for this but i prefer no bot.

Hope for FIX