View Full Version : Missing Tracking Number from Confirmation Email

09-30-2018, 02:58 AM
I received an Email confirming my game had been shipped (the Pigeon had left the nest, Their words exactly)
but the email is missing the tracking number, I have a ticket submitted so hopefully they will get back to me soon.
Then again they have no support people in my country(Australia) as the support Phone number stats that it's available after 5pm AET ( Australian Eastern Time) and as it's sundy lunch time here I won't likely get a response till Tuesday, Which is the day it's supposed to arrive.

09-30-2018, 03:02 AM
I forgot to ask when do i get the Digital bonus codes or will they be in the box when it arrives?

09-30-2018, 05:02 AM
Yeah, my Spartan Edition and Kassandra statue was already sent on monday so almost a week ago and the email didn't have the tracking number either. I have over 3 days old ticket at support with no response. Starting to get really pissed.

09-30-2018, 11:27 AM
Hey guys,

We aim to respond to cases within 48 hours, but this can be extended due to a high number of contacts.

If you can provide the Case ID here I'll take a look at this for you.

Thank you

09-30-2018, 06:19 PM
Thank you, I sent a private message to you with my case number.

10-01-2018, 03:44 AM
How do I send a private message on these forums, as i don't see any option to do so.

10-01-2018, 07:30 AM
Got mine a week ago and havent had any update on the tracking.
Last time I pre ordered the Origins version.
They lost my package and waited 2 weeks for the replacement.
went on and on and on.
Why did I pre order on Ubi store again..
Whyy did I bang my own butt

10-01-2018, 07:48 AM
Still no response from my support ticket or this post or the message i lefton the support Facebook page.