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09-29-2018, 02:33 PM
I wasn´t sure if i should post this, because the editor wasn´t part of the beta. Anyway if you care here are a few things:

Show values on checkboxes and sliders
Slider: I always have to count in my head (0,1,2,3,4,5) to know the value i need to change a slider to the position i want.
Something like this on the right (original on the left for comparison)
Checkbox: If you show that 0 means Off and 1 means On it helps to understand how it works and that you can use datasources to change it.

Hold the A button to pass the impulse through to multiple filters/events
In Fusion you need to go to the properties of every single event/filter and select the next one. If you hold the A button you should be able to pass the impulse through the next event, next filter, next event etc. The impulse arrows move to the crosshair, so you know that you´re now choosing multiple targets. B button confirms your selection, the X button resets your selection.

Name every toolcard and give us the option to rename it
Sometimes you got tons of toolcards on the screen and quickly loose overview. It would be very helpful if we could name every toolcard, not just to get a better overview but also helpful for tutorial sharing.

Allow hundreth values everywhere it makes sense
I take the curved datasource as an example. You want to set 1.36? Then you need to tie a variable datasource to it. Why? Just let me set that value in the curved datasource.

Emission slider from 0.00% to 100.00%

Hidden but Always-on snapping grid for toolcards only
I want to keep my scripts organized. By pressing the right stick you snap toolcards to a grid, that only works with toolcards.

Multiple physics bubbles

Split A / RT
Split X / RT
Split Dpad / Left Stick

Move pivots on any object (no glued group)
Free roation on pivot points
Allow impulses before the 3,2,1 GO counter
Animate the gamecamera
Layers disabled by default, enable them optional in the editor settings
Show the riders hitpoints in the testride and in the game variable datasource

Select controller icons for skillgames instructions
In Evo/Fusion you need to know the commands like %button_x% if you want to show button icons for instructions. Just let us select these icons from a list.

Enable/disable the function of checkpoints

visible/invisible checkpoints

Drivingline position?
This one is a little complicated to explain. In the player event you can choose "Reset to Driving Line", the drivingline position is defined from 0% to 100%. But the distance operator just shows the the position in meters and you have to calculate the percentage by yourself (screenshot) please make that easier.

Color event rbg output
We can use rbg vector input, but there is no rbg ouput. Show rbg values while changing the color wheel and display these values on the toolcard icon´.

Area clear
If we want to increase the size to hide many base world objects we have to hold the trigger for minutes. Let us define the size with values.
Soundsource: Random variations [on/off]
Some sounds do have different variations every time they´re played. Depending on what you want to build this can be annoying.
Game variable data source: Trigger values
In Fusion the gas value goes from 0 to 7 and the brake value from 0 to 3 for whatever reason (see screenshot). Each trigger value should go from 0 to 100

Time event
Set how fast the gameclock and the gameplay is running (100% is the standard) by that you would be able to achieve slowmotion.
copy value event (same as copy vector event)

Track Editor Menu
Since the editor got it´s own menu i wonder what could be in there.
The editor itself
Favorite central
Let us share our favorites like custom objects or premade scripts for animations or even skillgames concepts.
Work in progress
Upload unfinished tracks and let the community help you

ok i think that´s enough for the moment. sorry for the bad english here and there :)

09-29-2018, 11:39 PM
They should also add...:

A option where we can add UI/HUDS from previous trials games on the Trials Rising track central, HD HUD/UI, Evolution HUD/UI, Fusion HUD/UI, Trials of the Blood Dragon HUD/UI

10-02-2018, 05:49 PM
Your posts are always so detailed. I love them!