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09-29-2018, 03:17 AM
I am writing to inform directly to the C.E.O.S and combat mechanics and coding team, about the orochis R1 chain opener it to easy to abuse for cheese players i believe that the stamina drain should be increased but balancable if possible, also your parry coding is also messed up as most console players get the designation to parry but the program insists that the parry mechanic did not go through when it did. so i believe you must run test to check that out as it is a repetitive problem with assains mains like me and many of the community. finally stamina cost for all assains is highly irritating most of the heroes like glad can throw up to two lights a one hevy before his stamina gets completly erased, in his name it informs us that his stamina pool is very high but when you play him half of the time you cannot follow through with any of his mix ups, that is another thing that i would be happy if you checked thank you :-) finally the sprint speed of assains except shinobi is very slow not fast as they are supposed to be assains who are supposed to be very agile people so just slightly can you increase there speed. One final thing regards to the vanguard kensei you inform .us when you first released gameplay of the reworked kensei to be classed as balanced i beleave that is very untrue he is by far not balanced at all so re run test and see if you notice what attacks once again can be abused i beleve his side step with hyper armour heavy is most attack that kensei players do abuse. these are the changes i would like you to have a look at thank you if you would like to discuss with me these issues.

my email is Huntzsmith@icloud.com

thank you

yours sincerley Muzanator123