View Full Version : So the answer to conc is give all players abusable moves?

09-29-2018, 02:50 AM
Is this correct? Don't nerf the cones bash but just give all the other heroes similar broken moves? This will make the game fun right? That sounds like a really fun game guys!!! Just both of you spamming your broken moves to see who can do it first? ok.. this state of balance really scares me and now I'm pretty sure the devs don't know what their doing.. I kinda had hope before this landed and the things that were said in here. Your balancing is actually making the game less balanced. And getting characters to be 50% while going 70% vs some and 30% vs others doesn't really show that the characters are balanced even if they come out at 50% in the end. This breaks rank games as all you need to do is remember who your fighting and counter pick them. If you can't balance it you need to add a handicap system for points earned based on the matchup percents. Ill be surprised if the game makes it past marching fire at this rate.. Feels bad but its true. You need to stop making **** to make money and save your game or there will be nobody to buy your new sets anyway. We need weekly balancing going on if were going to see anything happen with this game but I don't see this happening. The conc has been broken for how long..? and the answer is to just give the weaker players better moves to match it? Scary thinking here. :/ Also you can't balance a game like this using the stats of console and pc both. Just use the PC and balance the game on this. The console players will get screwed but currently everyone is. The data is just not accurate based on all the platforms together. Name one other AAA company that does it this way? Is this a normal thing to do? I could understand if the gameplay was similar but its really not.

09-29-2018, 03:11 AM
You know, at the end of the days, no matter what they may do to “abusable” moves, it’s up to you to make the abusers stop abusing. Take matters into your own hands. Have some confident! Damsels rescue themselves these days.

09-29-2018, 10:44 AM
No, it is precisly the dev team's job to balance their game mechanics. And apart from that nowadays people are genarally irresponsable and selfish, you can't ask them to be "good". They need to be constrained if you want things to work.

09-30-2018, 09:23 AM
Agree with you, its the devs fault. If its in the game people will use it...Come on, thats horrible logic. People will use anything thats op to win. Just look at the early days when everyone was abusing ******** unlock teck and other things even in tournaments. Its 100% the devs job to be sure the game is balanced and not the players to play a specific way. People want to win and will win at all cost.

09-30-2018, 10:10 AM
Devs fault. They are horribly slow to respond, don't seem to play the game but go on data then pospone and blame the bug. Don't even know what to do with the data once the interpret it. Don't listen to the community like val rework but when they do they over do it like Pk. Create a game based off unreactable spam and guaranteed bashes. Debuff characters to the ground that are already bottom tier. Overkill reworks way beyond their baseline shaman like berserker and conc. Leave bottom tier characters without any buffs even after said debuffes. Leave op feats in the game since the beginning and don't even buff the crap feats to compensate. Spend too much time adding ascetics, characters, and new game modes (some only temporary) and not enough time working on game mechanics. When they do balance the game they use a teeter totter method instead of slight tweaks over a short time.

09-30-2018, 11:16 AM
But the real thing is that the devs don't wan't the same as the players. We want a balanced skill based game when they want a rock paper scissors type of gameplay with every character OP and unpredictible. Even perks will kill the skilled dimention a bit more.