View Full Version : Balance? Maybe we need to focus in the real thing....

09-28-2018, 06:07 PM
There is a big issue when a company tries to add variety of characters to a PvP game.

Letís face it fellow warriors, balance is impossible when the move sets and characteristics are not the same (HP, speed, damage). A fair PvP is only possible when all the characters are exactly the same.

Each and everyone of us (the players) has its own point of view about wich character is OP and wich is Under Powered.

Statistics taken from data are not reliable, there are too many noobs or pros that are not playing at 100%, etc. that has an impact on the numbers.

The problem is that we want that every character can be equal to all the other 21 (now with Chinese faction) and that is impossible.

I believe that the Ubisoftís idea of classes and difference among them were planned for team work and not in balanced 1vs1. A team should have a guard opener, a healer, a booster, etc and with communication use those skills to counter attack the ones from the other team.

I have seen posts of people that asks that all the chars have guard-openers, armored attacks, etc. and if we do that then the monotony will prevail and classes wonít exists any longer.

Ubisoft.....what was exactly your initial idea of having vanguards, heavies, assassins and hybrids?, because I think that with the time the community focused only in 1v1 PvP and this is the source of all this complaints about balance.

People, maybe we need to focused on Team vs Team and embrace the difference among characters and accept the tier levels and that the X char is only able to defeat Y if the player behind it is really really good and can overcome the disadvantages.

09-28-2018, 06:21 PM
I all characters need to be 1v1 viable, and here's why.
For the 1v1 mode, if a character can't even be played in a mode, well that sucks, you might as well not have him at all if you want to play 1v1s
for 4v4s, even in 4v4s you have regular 1v1ing happening, why would you make a character who can't defend them selves why they are put into a position where they need to, regularly.

I also just think they don't have any rules for what is any given class, like Shaolin is an assassin and in all honestly, Centurion is a Vanguard. They have 0 support characters and the Heavies don't have anything that can to really tank anything, nor do they make you want to focus them as a tanky person should.

The class system is arbitrary at best and is not Representative to the game