View Full Version : Cent, Shugo and Lb countering conq?

09-28-2018, 01:27 PM
So They said that These heroes should be able to Kill a conq because They counter him. So how is it possible that the highest winrate of one of the "counter heroes" is 39%???? Doesnt seem logic to me and I Call it b*ll****, Sry. If I misunderstood something Tell Me pls. After This I absolutly löst hope for This "game".

09-28-2018, 01:46 PM

They probably meant that those 3 Heroes, who are pretty "high" in the Winrate Chart, could win against Conq without having a good opener. So they played defensively against the best offensive tool in the game, and still managed to get some wins.

What they did not consider is that the top 2.5% of players in unranked Duels is a sh*tty baseline for balance statistics. But they had to take that as their sample size because EVERY game in high level ranked Duel contains 1-2 Conqs and/or 1-2 Wardens... Back in S6 it was probably 90+% Conqs due to Zerker being affected by the Guard Stance Switch Bug.