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09-27-2018, 11:08 PM
Does ubisoft even listen to the community Feedback? And if they do, do they even act on it?
Berserker still gives me epileptic fits with the amount of hyper armour he gets combined with the speed of his lights (on console).
Warden makes me cry whenever I see him charging a shoulder bash (both charged and uncharged). Literally everytime.
Kensei is so versatile that I poo my pants when fighting him.
And much more problems in the game, along with Conquerer, Peacekeepers rework, and the lack of meaningful and justified reworks on characters.
You can find countless detailed posts highlighting all of the issues I've stated here, aswell as many more. These posts come from the people who play the game and experience the problems first hand.
Some of these issues within the game have been prolonged for an extremely long time, in a few cases 3 seasons. Why aren't they fixed?
If Ubisoft actually played their own game instead of reading data and claiming the game is balanced on all platforms (console, PC), then a lot of these issues would not still persist.

09-28-2018, 01:37 PM
No man it wont happen. The diverse dev teams are really good (maps, game modes, gear design) except the most important: the team who manage the balancing. They are high on crack or something..