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09-27-2018, 09:03 PM
These ideas will take a lot of testing to see if they fit the series, so probably for the Trials game after Rising
(it could still be a toggle-able option for advanced players, if it doesn't fit the core gameplay, as these ideas would help ninja riders):

Independent brakes, without having to reverse.

This would allow more control for techniques like:

Stationary bunny hops on small surfaces like the Trials sport in real life
Controlled backward wheelie descents
Generally stopping on inclines or declines
Ability to stop on any surface without rolling
More control in general over the bike
More ninja techniques that we can't predict

In addition to making the rider lean backward/forward with the left stick:

Left stick up/down to make the rider stand/sit.

This could add a whole new layer of depth to the game including:

Changing the way/Adding another way bunny hops can be executed
Carefully sitting down on your bike when on a steep incline, where leaning back would make you fault
Loading your shocks differently when landing hard, possibly getting more height for the next jump.
More control in general over the bike
More ninja techniques we can't predict

Different gears, maybe a high and low gear:

Could be used when you need to trade speed for power: such as to gain power to bunny hop from a small platform you otherwise wouldn't have the room to build the necessary speed
High gear could be similar to standard bike behavior, low gear could give more precision for things like wall climbs when not using 100% throttle
Low gear at full acceleration could give significantly higher acceleration than high gear, but lower speed, helping to climb obstacles
Low gear could be better for quick fapping*, as it has a higher acceleration than high gear, and will build speed faster between tapping the brakes, creating more rotation.

(*the act of holding the gas while repeatedly tapping the brakes to create forward rotational momentum)

Most of the core gameplay could remain the same, thus most of the audience can choose to not use them.
But with the addition of these changes, advanced players could use them for special circumstances.

10-02-2018, 05:37 PM
Your posts are always so detailed! Thank you so much!