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09-27-2018, 05:57 PM
Hey everyone,

Please find the current list of known issues below.


Please report any issues that are not mentioned here on the relevant Community Support section (https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/1879-Assassin-s-Creed-Odyssey-Community-Support) or get in touch with our support (http://support.ubi.com)team.

[PC] Game crashes in DLC 2.1 with AMD Radeon RX 5700 (XT)
Status: Under Investigation



Isu Knowledge reset after 1.5.0


Keeper and Kyros quest cannot be completed

TU1.3.0 Patch redeployment

Unable to complete the installation of the game (Xbox One)

TU 1.3.0

Crit Chance and Crit damage apply to enemy archers (players take high damage from archers)
Barnabas MIA
New Game + | Artifact not acquired after killing mythical creature
New Game + | Aiantides Missing in "The Favor"
New Game + | Quest not completed after killing the Monger in "Monger Down"
Steropes Bow & Hero Kopis not available in visual customization menu
"Protector of Persia" cannot be completed due to an invisible wall
Cannot complete "The Handmaiden's Story"
[DLC 1.3] Cultist not shown in menu
[DLC 2.1] No Good Deed quest not appearing in quest log.

TU 1.2.0

Stuck in "Lore of the Sphinx"
Elemental Resistance Perk not working
Already equipped Legendary item lost in New Game+ upon looting a higher level version of the same item
Unused Ability Points missing after Title Update 1.1.4

Hotfix March 4

Unintended decrease of Assassin build stats post TU 1.1.4.

TU 1.1.4

Daughters of Artemis hostile after becoming their leader OR cannot be provoked
Visual Customization does not function for retroactive or UbiClub items
Cultists stuck underground / Cannot be killed
Characters start flickering
Horse movement animation is not working correctly
207 Ability Points Cap

TU 1.1.2

Max Level XP amount
Mastery Levels System / Display Issues with Stats
Resistance quest not given to player
Myrrine not moving / "Home Sweet Home" doesn't progress
Perikles's Symposium
Cannot interact with Roxana to accept quest
Quest Mercenaries are Level 71 / Nightmare
[XB1/PS4] Left Stick does not function anymore in Photo Mode
Without a Trace trophy cannot be unlocked

TU 1.1.1

Child of Poseidon achievement/Trophy not unlocking
Engravings/Upgrades after Level 50
Burning / Poison Damage Perks Tier 6&7 not functioning
Blackscreen in capture gallery on PS4
Performance Analyzer shows incorrect information about second GPU load / NVIDIA

TU 1.0.7

Unexpected lieutenant comes to help
Physics on PC are locked to 30FPS / Cutscenes

TU 1.0.6

Mercenaries stop chasing the player
Evie Lieutenant not appearing in-game / Ubisoft Club Reward
"Prince of Persia" cannot be completed / Blind King
Mercenary inside closed house
Clothes not wet after being in water
Purchased Maps filter missing
HDR option doesn’t turn off automatically

TU 1.0.3

Texture issues on Silver Islands
Legendary Cultist Item not given
Zoisme & Kallias cannot be reached
“Aphrodite’s Embrace” achievement/ trophy not unlocked
NPCs riding a horse have low-resolution textures
Myrrine and Brasidas get teleported to Naxos
Tame alpha animal won’t update objective
D-Pad left and right have no functionality
No warning when attempting to delete all save files
Benchmark doesn’t record data with Win7
Rainy weather during Benchmark session
VRAM meter doesn’t update in real-time
Dialogue with Barnabas doesn’t trigger

Known Issues that we currently have no plans to address in the future:

FPS Drops while fighting enemies in Korinth
FPS drops while fighting enemies

(Please note that we deployed various patches that improved overall FPS)

Textures loading / Horse – running
Cannot dismiss Tekton as Lieutenant
Single channel Memory may not reach satisfactory levels of performance
Changes in brightness option are not saved after game restart

Workaround: Do not close it immediately and wait a few seconds for the changes to be saved.

Please get in touch with support.ubi.com (https://forums.ubi.com/support.ubi.com) if you encounter any of the above mentioned issues and provide as many details about the issue as you can.