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09-27-2018, 04:28 PM

Go let's \m/<(-.-)>\m/

They have a big reveal today and they have new armour sets that they are starting to show us, this will go over two weeks. There is also a new training mode feature called Hero Tactics.

To clarify Marching Fire, those who brought it, when Marching Fire releases, will get the new heroes on 16th for a two week early access period, everyone else gets them with a steel unlock.

They released a state of balance blog (and given I am writing this later, also a reaction post to the feedback).

Ranked duel tournament September 28th to October 1st along with an order.

Sale of the week, Elite Outfits – Tower of Lys, Flight of Spring and Tree of Life, 4000 steel down from 7000 for one week.

Content of the week – Autumnal leaves.


All DLC heroes are getting a new set of armour with three variations. The six DLC heroes are getting a new variation for their existing sets. This week they will show us Samurai and Knights, next week Vikings, a set of Wu Lin we haven't seen and Wu Lin weapons.

They showed us some concept art for the new armours and then the armours themselves, there are some nice sets, Lawbringer is very Apollyon-esque, Nobushi and Peacekeeper have faces showing while others have more showing than they used to.

As well as talking about the armours, they talked about something they are working on, and this is very hypothetical and in ideas and design phase right now, they want to give the players the chance to loot colours and to make their own palettes.

Hero tactics.

They have developed a new training tool called Hero Tactics. This is essentially a step by step on how to train with characters. So for example kensei gets a lesson with ways to the top heavy finisher unblockable, the second set will take you through using top heavy as an opener, third superior block dodge starters, fourth some more advanced mixups which are not necessarily guaranteed but are part of the toolset then the fifth just spawns a level zero bot. You get feedback telling you if you have the right timing, if your timing is off or if you miss the combination all together. Centurion you would be looking at jabs, jab follow ups and how to use the legion kick.

Community corner and wrap

09-29-2018, 09:21 PM
Den is up, it reads short but there was a lot of concept info on the armours that is worth a watch.

09-30-2018, 10:17 AM
Cool story bro, how about they talk about balance and what they are going to do to fix their game? Who cares about some meaningless infos about armor.